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Pakistani Kazak

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Size: 2'1" x 3'2"

Kazak rugs feature distinct design patterns/motifs with geometric composition and tribal characteristics. Common patterns include medallions, rosettes, hooked polygons, diamonds and crosses as well as representations of animals, birds, trees and humans. If you look closely at these rugs, you will notice that only straight lines are used in the representation of the patterns. This is solely due to the hand-knotted technique used to create the rugs. The pile is relatively short when compared to other oriental rugs because of the antique washing process. During this process the rug piles are cut short and the entire rug is stone washed

Traditionally, owning a Kazak rug was a sign of status. These rugs were often woven with strands of silver and gold and were placed in palaces and in the palatial homes of the super rich. These ultra-luxurious rugs were not just used as floor coverings. They often adorned walls and were even placed on the throne of the king or at his feet.

Rug Origin: Pakistan
Knotting Technique: Hand Knotted
Key Notes:

Size: 2'1" x 3'2"

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