About Lashar Rugs

Experienced Sellers of the Finest Rugs

There are many reasons to own a hand-knotted/woven rug. Among the beautiful and practical reasons, are also the rich history, design and materials that go into them.

Along with the history, we celebrate the achievements of the not-so-ordinary women and men that have mastered this ancient craft, passed down from generations. With this craft, they support their families and communities where they live and continue to pass on this craft, as the market for these beautiful rugs continues to grow.

Iran has long been known for the artistic creation and the production of Persian rugs. Many other countries have followed in developing this craft. Crucial to the economy and arts in early Iran, the Persian rug craft evolved into so  much more.

The rich history dates back to ancient nomads protecting themselves from the harsh elements. They used colours and patterns to identify their tribes. The craft eventually made its way to the fashionable decorating of grand halls of kings and noblemen, with these beautiful and intricate handmade creations.

In homes over the world, throughout the centuries and even today – the presence of hand-made runners or large feature rugs – always speak volumes that the host has great taste.

As well as being beautiful and very practical, they are also – a simple, quick, yet effective way – to decorate and add warmth and colour.