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Persian Super Fine Tabriz

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Size: 2'2 x 6'6

Nomadic tribes in the district of Sirjan (in southern Iran's Fars and Kerman provinces) have a long rug weaving history that includes both Turkish and Kurdish influences. The Sirjan is a handmade Persian tribal rug, with up to 100 symmetrical Turkish knots per square inch. The warp and weft foundation is cotton or goat hair and the thinner pile is of fine, luminous wool shorn from local sheep and dyed with roots and vegetables. Lively and bright, each Sirjan is a unique and inestimable treasure because no two rugs are identical. Every rug is an expression of the individual weaver's tribal life experience and outlook. Patterns and colours are bold and designs are often geometric, sometimes with a rose motif or single (and sometimes multiple) medallions, as well as small animals and plants. The field is usually red, with ivory, blue and black top colours. More sophisticated than primitive – at once exotic and warm – the Sirjan is a favourite of people who enjoy a simpler, less busy design.

Rug Origin: Iran
Knotting Technique: Hand Knotted
Key Notes:

Size: 2'2 x 6'6

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