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Persian Kashan

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Size: 9'6" x 13'2"

Kashan rugs originated in the city of Kashan, central Persia's Isfahan Province. Known as the rugs of royalty for their ‘royal’ palette of reds and blues, Kashans can be found in beige, olive green and grayish-blue on the international market. The warp and weft are generally cotton, the pile is sheep's wool and the Persian knots are dense, resulting in a thick, durable carpet. Knotting styles, while generally fine, vary, and carpets can feature medallion, floral or all-over designs. The Kashan medallion has a distinctive shape, with alternating right angles and curved lines that finish with flowering coronets top and bottom. The most common is a blue medallion in a red field, with flowers and vine details in a variety of other colours. Kashan carpets also have distinctive borders, with the primary border flanked by geometrical guard-stripes of tiny red and blue triangles. A richly decorated band outlining a motif that recalls the colours and designs of the central medallion is found in each quarter. Kashan rugs are made in all sizes with high quality wool and beautiful motifs outlined in silk.

Rug Origin: Iran
Knotting Technique: Hand Knotted
Key Notes:

Size: 9'6" x 13'2"

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