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Persian Turkman

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Size: 1'10" x 3'7"

The finest of all tribal rugs are produced by the Turkmen: tribal weavers from Uzbekistan, Turkemistan and Afghanistan, who create and knot their own designs in the Bashir, Tekke and Yomut carpet styles. With 20-120 knots per square inch – higher in the finest antique rugs – the carpets feature simple patterns in true nomadic fashion, with dark red fields and repeating black or blue and ivory 'gul' motifs. The pile is cut thin on these hard-wearing rugs, which come in small and mid-sizes only. Authentic, hand-knotted Turkmen rugs are not to be confused with rugs manufactured in India and Pakistan that follow the Turkmen design.

Rug Origin: Iran
Knotting Technique: Hand Knotted
Key Notes:

Size: 1'10" x 3'7"

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