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Indian Antique Look Bhadohi

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Size: 5`3 x 7`4

Armenian and Azeri Turks living in the mountainous Karabagh region have been weaving since the early 13th century. In fact, Karabagh rugs of the Caucasus region were one of the principal exports to Medieval Europe. Considered an essential skill, carpet weaving was a women's profession in Karabakh (although there were some renowned male weavers). Girls started at age six and families were required to weave at least one rug each month. Armenian carpets were richly coloured with abundent ornamental motifs. Dragons and eagles were prominent, but there was some variation, and Karabagh carpets were categorized according to the animals depicted: artsvagorgs (eagle-carpets), vishapagorgs (dragon-carpets) and otsagorgs (serpent-carpets). Unusual among rural communities, rugs were not simply utilitarian but also symbols of wealth.

Rug Origin: India
Knotting Technique: Hand Knotted
Key Notes:

Size: 5`3 x 7`4

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