Rug Cleaning Toronto & Surrounding Areas

Professional rug cleaning in Toronto and surrounding areas from a professional team of sexperts. Restore the beauty in your rug and bring your decor back to life.


If your carpet is badly stained, removal is possible. We have the equipment and experienced technicians ready and available.  


Rug Cleaning in Toronto & GTA


Whether you’re looking to remove stains or deep clean your area rug we have the professional team to do just that. We can clean all materials, styles and types of rugs and carpets.


  • Handmade and hand woven rugs
  • Machine made and synthetic rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Kilims


We service Toronto & most of the greater Toronto area simply contact us to learn more about our pick up and delivery zones.


If you are looking for drop off and pick up you can head to our Danforth showroom. Call us in advance.


Rug Cleaning Process


  1. We remove as much dust as possible
  2. Depending on the type, fibre and dye in your rug, we determine the method of wash – either by hand or machine – paying – of course – particular attention to stains.
  3. Rugs are thoroughly rinsed, top and bottom
  4. A machine gently squeezes out about 80% of the water
  5. In a drying room, rugs are hoisted and fans are run to ensure the rugs are completely dried before delivery back to your home.

For quotes on our local services be sure to contact us directly and for further details.

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