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Client Testimonials

“We really liked the selection and we really liked Hossein, he is such a warm, inviting, personable guy, and his business approach is old school, which is something we appreciate. We could tell from the initial visit that he is extremely knowledgeable and very service oriented.

Hossein was terrific to deal with.We needed a runner for our hallway, but it’s a very skinny space and the few we found that would fit didn’t appeal to our aesthetic. I was delighted with our purchase from Lashar Rugs, and the cost was extremely reasonable.

Hossein loves what he’s doing and loves that he’s providing something beautiful to people.”

—Barry Muskovitch + Tzabia Siegel, Toronto, Canada

“I have been collecting Persian Rugs for a long time, to me they are art on the floor. When I went to see Hossein about one of my antique carpets, I knew he was a perfect fit for me.

He’s friendly and fair and really knows his stuff, and because he’s from Iran he can get rugs that other people can’t.”

—Debbie Lechter, Toronto, Canada

“We were spellbound by the colors, the patterns and the craftsmanship, as Hossein wove the tale behind each hand-knotted rug. But it was when we were examining the treasures in the store’s lower level that we fell in love with a beautiful Adadeh Shiraz.

I left with my notes, but couldn’t get that rug out of my mind. It was meant for our living room, but a Persian Rug was not in our budget. I went back to gaze at it longingly on several occasions and Hossein was sympathetic to my dilemma. He brought the price down to an affordable range and let me take it home, paying for it in manageable installments.

When we rolled out the rug that evening and arranged our furniture around it, I felt like I had finally come home.

We now have three Persian Rugs from Lashar, each one handpicked for us by Hossein and all of them glorius. Their luxury and warmth never ceases to amaze me, and I fall in love with them all over again when I walk into a room.”

—Tracy Coveart, Toronto, Canada