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Persian Gharajeh

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Size: 2'5" x 12'6"

Gharajeh (Karadja, Karaja) rugs are heirloom textiles that were hand woven in or near the village of Qarajeh, Heris (Heriz), northeast of Tabriz in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan. The unique design characteristics of Karaja rugs distinguish them from other Northwestern Persian (Iranian) rugs and carpets. Although the strong pattern is usually rectilinear, it can mimic other rug styles, namely the Heriz with its medallion style. A typical design for Gharajeh carpets is three large geometric medallions situated in the middle of the rug. The central medallion is often latch-hooked and different in colour from the other two, which can be in the shape of an eighpointed star. There are two categories of Gharajeh rugs: one features a row (or rows) of medallions and the other is coloured in primarily light blue. In general, colours range from somber (indigo blue or red field) to vibrant with starkly contrasting orange, green and white colours.

Rug Origin: Iran
Knotting Technique: Hand Knotted
Key Notes:

Size: 2'5" x 12'6"

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